Friday, May 25, 2007

Substantially Suffice Strife

Its the journey ahead that we all must take,
the right turns the wrong turns and the blatant mistakes,
The crawl up and the slide down that wearies our soul,
our lives daily burdens and traumas unfold.
To resist our fair share and not play the hand we're dealt,
is to refuse our futures and turn away help.
For discipline trains and focusing tunes,
our minds made submissive and our intellects subdued,
often not content and whiny when put to the test,
our approach of dyer-trials are lackadaisical at best,
to arm ourselves with a sword and a shield,
preparation to battle to death and not yield,
such passion of persistence can't be found within our hearts,
we must look to the Son for wisdom to impart,
For before their was time and foundations un-laid,
the creator of all threaded a spirit into our make,
a model flawless to push us towards the goal,
Christ perfected within us a mind, heart, and soul.
This spirit was placed within us for such strife,
a guide and a comforter in the dark and bright light,
when our heads hang in guilt, in pride, or in shame,
all we need do is call out His name,
Restoration in the deepest, revival through and through,
His blood pours over our struggles and all things made new,
So when you stand against the enemy He will indeed flee,
For the power within you is more than is seen,
You operate not alone, and solo not so,
allow God to move through you, hand over the controls.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rhythmic Revival of Rhetorical Restrictions

I wake up at six to the sound of a beep,
I slide out of my sheets and onto my feet,
The sun beams blazing thru the holes in the blinds,
The UV rays quickly making me blind,
I stumble I shutter I groan and I yawn,
The dew outside rests steady on the lawn,
As I peak on out to the world outside,
The trees stand-still as if frozen in time,
The birds are active and loud as can be,
Food for their young their assembling,
I flip on the faucet and to no surprise,
The ice cold water blasts open my eyes

Stepping out into the stark crisp air abroad,
My eyes are adjusting yet they seem quite flawed,
I squint a wee-bit to make out what’s ahead,
A sunrise on the ridge sneaking in around the bend.
The clouds brightly shining thru the transparent blue sky,
My mind taken captive by the fog on the rise,
Low to the ground the clouds skip by,
Smooth as they move and then off they fly.

I trek down the path between the shrubs and the trees,
Light is scarce and strong is the breeze,
The hair on my neck stands straight on up,
The chill thru my spine is mighty abrupt,
I step quickly fourth pacing into the light,
The faster I step the farther the fight,
To make it down to the vast light long down the path,
causes my muscles to squeeze and my chest to gasp,

The shock and awe caused by such bright light,
Is comparable to the sun sitting out at night,
The deteriorating differentiation gives way to clarity,
My minds accepting images like an open-charity.
In the clearing nothings hidden all things are exposed,
But to see is to believe and to not is to know?
To believe only what we see is ironic and false,
For if air didn’t exist I'd be a dried-out corpse.

So as Thomas in the gospel with the finger in the holes,
If we see then we know where’s faith to unfold?
The mysteries are solved and no more to discover,
Yet to love God and our neighbor is one truth we’ve left undiscovered.
The parallel here is the contrast therein,
The dark and the light the beginning and the end,
The grogginess’ of dyer-yearning in the dark of your heart,
is that the path to the light and is there for your thwart,

finding peace by seeking love is the above all goal,

to chose Christ over the world is the mutual-toll.

To Be Continued...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Relationship Relational

(This is my first experiment with poetry, I hope it makes sense. It's meant to be read semi- rhythmically, enjoy.)

The Relationship Relational

Your face changes as the day progresses,

Your demeanor morphs during failures and successes.

Your attitude shifts and your mouth becomes tainted,

Your integrity's water based and it's constantly repainted.

Your phonetics, dialects, and tones keep mixing,

Genuine care and concern is seemingly missing.

Destruction in your wake you've emptied this lake,

This relationship with you was an utter-mistake.

We were once as close as the clouds and the sky,

You tore my heart from my chest and you kicked it goodbye.

I lye motionless in the stillness awaiting revival,

You've demolished my character such damage can't be rivaled.

I waited patiently my turn to step up to the plate, and as I took my place the ground started to shake. I realize now that this chaos was caused by uncertainty of commitment, the choices therein lead to guaranteed resentment. This disastrous relational mishap was spurred quickly fourth, by your inability to trust me as the days moved forward. The core of the sun can't compare to such drought, the knife you stuck in can never be pulled out. A tie with you that I once desired, left me out cold, burned, and heavily perspired.

We labored we tarried we hoped and we prayed, but in the end of the day their was simply no way. To save what we lost is impossible it seems, since our hearts are retreating like the French army. Running in opposite directions our bond is now broken, I'm left alone on the road holding merely a bus token. To make my solo way back to happiness again, I feel as if that is a waste of attempting an amends. To let out a gasp of grief and pain would be to show you that I cared, and that'd be in vain. We breathed, we eat, we loved, we raved, our hearts once in tune are now in disdain.

Who are you this day, I can't even tell if its you? Your old heart, your old smiles, are tools often misused. You placed your heart in my hand and I held it tightly, the keys to this heart I guarded fourth rightly. I gripped with such intensity it often wheezed, I knew it back and fourth and it came with much ease. An intimate connection ocean deep and valleys wide, you snatched your heart back and switched over to the dark side. Metaphorically speaking you just shifted on over, to never return to this estranged and lone soldier. I stand open handed waiting for this passion to return, but to no avail I'm left stranded in the hail. Doused with humiliation, despair, and heart-wrenching sorrow, I would have stood here in waiting long after tomorrow. To embrace you again I wish I had such strength; my ability to love again has officially sank.

The looks I am lacking, but I kept you on laughing. Genuine and true you know I've always loved you. A commitment I gave to serve and protect you, was diced up and shredded but I shouldn't have let you, incapacitate my desire to love once again, you've broken my options for this love to ever again, begin.

What we once sacredly-shared is gone for good; I pray to God that one day you'll get what you should. Although I hope you soon pay for the damage you've caused, my very being is in comatose and my spirits been fraud. The choice is now mine to forgive and forget, to move ahead and not dwell in motley regret. But if one thing I ask could be done in full, I'd eliminate the image of your smile from this battered soul.

I walk on and live on and making it day to day, but the feeling of your hand in mine will forever leave a stain, of love once had and now far gone, I live on merely mimicking the show we once put on. If I find such passion in my future again, I'll hold tightly to that love and never let it end. I drop your name from my mouth and your face from my brain, I know that what we once had will be forever ingrained, in the head and in the heart and in my souls deepest parts, a hole will be evident from cupids-missed-dart. Struck once, struck down, love made me frown, but I will live on and love on til' my true love is found.