Monday, January 24, 2011

a transition

So, it has been one hell of a heavenly month; that's about the only true way to some it up, while still adding a bit of grit to the equation. I have made some monumental progress in these past few months to get to where I'm at; and, comically enough, I've only just begun. Life often times hangs in the balance of beautiful and unbearable, its truly somewhere in the middle that I find myself this morning. It's about 4:30 in the morning and I've already driven for about thirty-minutes to get to where I'm at; and, metaphorically speaking, I'm still so far from where I know I need to be. However, I haven't lost faith in the journey; I still believe in the process, the pursuit of this 'dream.'

To clue in the relatively clueless, I'm in the process of moving from the comfortable and quaint Santa Clarita to the polar opposite city of Hollywood. I've never had more people tell me I'm crazy; it is kind of, surprisingly enough, somewhat energizing. My move date is February 1st and I see it as the beginning of a beautiful career doing something I love, something I'm passionate about, and something that not many people think I can do and make money doing. So, for the supporters, bravo. For the skeptics, bravo as well. You may both have your day, just be patient.

I'm trading in this somewhat structured and tragically monotonous life for one much more daring; a life with way more variables, less securities, far less fall-back-plans. It's hard to explain on paper (internet paper?) because I can usually only show my excitement with my happy-hands demonstration. Anyway, in other words, something about this transition has me bubbling over with excitement for the unknown; but not the unplanned unknown. I've locked down a graveyard shift working at a prestigious establishment on Sunset Blvd known to many, as simply put, "Denny's." I know what your saying, but please, it's fine, I don't want to brag.

I've had the unique opportunity over the course of the past few weeks to meet and speak to a man who is a well-known comedy & acting coach here in Hollywood. He has some incredible connections as well as the possession of a deep-well of understanding in the successful methods of comedy/acting. He has taken me on to a 12-week course that will include mentoring & coaching from him personally; I am truly hoping that this will help me to better understand my potential. He is known for his ability to help comedians take it to the next level, I'm so new, any level is a new one. However, whatever I learn in the 12 weeks will most assuredly be invaluable and monumental in my career in comedy.

So, life as I know it is rather exciting to say the least. Dreams of comedy are slowing becoming reality, I'm just "livin the dream."Things that I've always wanted to do are slowly becoming possible as time progresses, as training increases, as understanding is furthered. The move to Hollywood is a bit of a risk because their are most assuredly no guarantees in this industry; but, in all honesty, does a 25-year old with a lot of energy & creativity need a guarantee? I am much more convinced that the hustle and grind of comedy, the requirement to be creative, and the demand to be original is what makes me wake up in the morning and spring into the jumpsuit of optimism.

I'm not taking life for granted anymore. I've come so far in the area of health and fitness these past 5 months, mentally and physically, I've discovered that life is better lived in size 38 jeans that size 46 stretchy-pants. I know that with the help I have from my new mentor/coach that I will be able to reach my own personal best in the area of comedy; that's not a guarantee of success, but more so a guarantee of my achieving the best I'm able to achieve. I hope that my best is enough. I'm truly thankful for all my friends who support me in this new endeavor, your few and far between.

I've received such a vast-multiplicity of texts and facebook messages about this decision. The idea of pursuing comedy is such a shot in the dark according to so many people. But, if following our dreams is described by others as a, "shot in the dark" than so be it. It doesn't offend me, the skepticism, that is. As far as I'm concerned their will always be naysayers attempting vigorously to conform us all to their redundant and infantile monotony. I will live my life attempting to avoid that conformity and do things that maybe most wouldn't even attempt; I guess as much as I am plagued with fear of failure, I endorse it as a method and placebo for growth. I wish you all the best, be good and do good.


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