Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spokane once again

Embracing the true entrepreneurial spirit of our country I decided post-graduation some two and a half-months ago to embark on a journey to discover what steps to take next in this life. Do I sell all my possessions and go build orphanages in Ecuador? Do I buy lotto tickets with my savings account and try to make an honest living? The options were truly endless; the unpaved road of life offered itself up to me like a cake to a fat kid; holistically sacrificial.

The first month of my life as a college gradate was somewhat uneventful; I figured for some reason everything would be different after I reached such a distinguished mark in societal structure; apparently I was wrong. Being that only 30% of American's have a Bachelors degree or higher, I thought I would be the cream of the crop for some up and coming company in need of a 'few good men'. Not only was I completely mistaken, I was living in a falsified reality that somehow convinced me that my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from a small bible college was a Modern Economics/Business/Arabic/Special Spy skills Bachelors from M.I.T. I know it's an exaggeration but it's still true; I was in for a reality check.

After a couple jobless months of unemployment enjoyment (*for clarification sake, I was NOT on unemployment, just merely unemployed) I figured that poker+ random landscaping + receptionist gigs + kids camps did not = success or financial prosperity. I wasn't spending much money, wasn't doing much of anything to be honest, just kind of relaxing from all the hectic and chaotic avenues that life had drug me down in the past year or so.

I came to the realization that their was a definite need for something more in life, I'm not sure what this particular symptom is called but it could be labeled as "Post Graduation Success Disorder" (PGSD...not to be confused with PTSD....which sets in after the loan payments begin). I knew that the gate was open to head up I-5 and I-90 to bridge the familial gap and spend some good ol' fashioned quality time with the fam damily; and so I hit the open road.

It had been hitting sun-surface temperatures in the Eugenian region so I figured leaving at 3am
would get me through to Spokane before my Beautiful Burgundy Buick melted like a candy bar in a pocket. The drive was easily one of the most beautiful ever; I had the opportunity to watch the open-skies go from pitch black to bubble gum blue over the course of the cruise. No mechanical meltdowns, no blown to shred tires, nothing but citizen cope and hope to pass the ill-painted green mile marks along the vast Washington highways.

Just seeing my family in and of itself somehow completely rejuvenates my soul in a way nothing else can. Being able to grasp on tightly, hold firmly, and embrace wholeheartedly those in my life that have molded and made me into who I am today does something unique on the inside. Changing my perspective from hopelessness to wholeness in a mere-matter of moments; giving me piece after piece of peace.

Getting to sit around and watch O'Reily factor while my best friend, my 75 year old Korean War Vet uncle while he puffs on Pall Mall full flavors and I chomp on Boston Baked Beans made me wonder if life itself could get more euphoric? It's comical to consider that many would wince and cringe at the idea of sitting inside a room with smokers, whereas it's easily the most desirable activity in my life as of now, to just sit and chat with a man who has given of himself so completely over the years as an interim father.

6am casino runs with my 70 year old 4ft somethin auntie has also been another highlight of my vacation/soul-searching trip/get away. My aunt Benita has been the back bone of my family since my father passed away in 2001 is a dear friend and a person whose loyalty is unfathomable at times. Having the blessed opportunity to play some penny slots and sip a rum n coke has opened the gateways of communication and has bonded so tightly an already amazing relationship. Of course, sippin on wine from a Thermos and talking to the birds might make some people nervous or standoffish, I sit right there with her on the cool shaded porch in the Spokane summer evenings and just chat away with an aunt who has been and will continue to be an inspiration of what family is truly meant to be.

Besides the near-death of my Buick, and the $700 + revival, this trip has been an overall success. Having the chance to spend some good time with my friend Pat has been beneficial in the sense of just feeling like I could be myself more. We've been best friends for years and theirs something distinguishably potent that unveils the false-layers of ones self when in the company of those who truly know you; it's therapeutic. Being around my pastor Vaughn and good friend/mentor Bill has given me a chance to bounce off new ideas and adventures with some solid critique accompanied by a plethora of encouragement. I know I could not make this next step in life without the support, encouragement, and adoration my family and friends have shown me on this trip.

I am so insanely excited about this next move in life and am praying that God sees it through in the manner in which His Kingdom would be most blessed, all for His glory...

*to be continued....*