Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Avoiding the Habitual

The title says it all, and it says nothing.

I've been rather lacksadasical as of lately in my literary excursions. Being overwhelmed with major changes at work and taking telecourses that drain my life faster than headlights drain a non-running car i've been juggling and dropping life in general.

Things have been seemingly good for me lately, despite a few hiccups her and there. Spending a lot more time wiht my family and getting to watch some GREAT and not so great Ducks football (blogs to come).

I have been out and about much more lately and have been attempting vigorously to spur myself from the cave that i built and get back in touch with society. For so long it was just work, school and sleep, work, school and sleep, etc. Now, its the same, but i've been integrating some more interaction with homosapiens (other human beings) and working diligently to drag myself out of a slump. A slump physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, everything-ally.

So, if ya' haven't heard much lately this is why, I've been to busy re-discovering myself.

ps-im not spellchecking this because i dont care right now. ha.