Saturday, October 15, 2011

Committed or Admitted

It's been about four-months since I last wrote in this blog~I'd be a fool to say I planned it that way. I think their was a time in my life long ago where the opportunity to spend my days at coffee shops typing away my inner-thoughts was plausible; not its simply not practical. Granted, I still endure those same introspective thoughts-yet now I try to find ways to choke the comedy out of em' instead of being beaten by their brutality.

I've been in Hollywood over six-months now and I am so incredibly thankful for the progress thus far. The opportunities are seemingly endless in a city where everyone bitches and moans that you have to, "know somebody to get a job." However contradictory this sentence may be to the aforementioned people-you do indeed have to know, "somebody." You have to know "yourself." I've never before in the entirety of my so-far-semi-futile existence seen a city with the powerful prowess and ability to chew up and spit people out so rapidly.

Hollywood is the place where dreams come to die. I know that sounds sad. But hell, if everyone made it, can you just imagine how many rich homeless people their would be? (*its tough to wrap your mind around that*) Seriously, I'd rather chew on an obese man's skin-tags than see everyone who comes to Hollywood, "make it." However, such is the beauty of this city-nothing is guaranteed. I have friends back home in Spokane, WA who are married with families-working normal jobs-providing-doing their best. For those who's dream was to have a family-congrats-you've made it. But, for those who's dreams are bigger and they've settled, shame on you.

I've rediscovered lately how mean life can be. Don't get me wrong-its beautiful, but damn sometimes life likes to kick you right there in the ole' baby-maker if ya' know what I'm saying. So back in March I broke my ankle playing basketball at a Hollywood gym; not going to lie, I broke it on Taye Diggs foot, which means something to some people (*not really, but its true*). I didn't have the opportunity to afford medical insurance so I manned my way through it-wrapped it up, kept it iced, kept it elevated, didn't play any sports (*more because I'm lazy*). Then it happened. A few weeks ago I'm walking to my car to go to work at the wonderful republic of Black Angus Steakhouse-and BOOM-there she blows. That ankle snapped like superman falling off a horse. No beuno.

So, after further examination from the community hospital's wonderful x-ray machine-It's broken. The fun part is-it broke where it was already broke-which you'd think, two negatives would make a positive, but it doesn't. It just sucks, double the amount of a regular "suck". So, after getting my splint on I came to grips with the harsh reality of how screwed I really was. Broken ankle, no funds in my savings account, a couple mediocre paychecks on the way, I knew life was about to get mightily complicated mightily quick. So, I started plotting and planning-finding things to sell-even going as far as calling "1-800-JNK-CARS" to sell my vehicle.

So, the junk company was supposed to show up on Monday to take away my sweet 1995 Nissan Altima GXE (*not trying to brag*) .But, a little plot-twist here for ya, the Los Angeles Police Department apparently wanted it more. They impounded it off the street for having expired tags. How much to get it out of impound (*including DMV fees*) about $600. How much were they going to give me towards Strength Family Rent (*my rent*), $450. So, there was that opportunity down the drain.

It's been one little thing after another going on. Hysterical at best. I mean, it feels like a bad movie; except their aren't any vampires or people from the ghetto using horrific, "one-liners". I'm out of work. Got no car. Struggling to pay rent. This is the hustlers lifestyle I suppose. All the while the comedy career is going fantastically well-getting gigs left and right, having incredible opportunities to perform at clubs I never thought they'd let me into. It's just been awesome. Therefore, despite all the nonsensical-bullshit going on in the Strength Family Life (*my life*) I'm feeling overall-optimistic.

I've always knew that my life was going to be difficult-and that nothing was ever going to come easy. I think I realized that a very long time ago, swallowed that pill, and moved on. However, there are most certainly times and places, like the last few-weeks for instance, where that rigorous vigor is challenged and tested. Thankfully, tested true. But, I fail on a daily basis. I let myself down, I let others down, and pushing through those feelings of failure to embrace a stronger me is the end-goal. The end product, seeing all the trials and tribulations of my life not wasted but made into gain by an opportunity to do comedy for a living-to make a living with something that could've killed me.

Thanks for your continued support, I know this is long-winded but I wanted to make an effort to keep everyone updated on things. Life is good for me right now. Incredibly challenging and laced with uncertainties, but good nonetheless.

~be good & do good~